Give Character to Your House With Traditional Home Decors

Decors give you the power to set up a 19th century room in a 21st century brick building. The character and the time period associated with each decoration piece takes you to a completely different era. A wooden high back chair sound Victorian, while a neo modern rug speaks of contemporary fashion. However, placing two contrasting components in the same room never works.

Traditional decorations are considered robust and formal these days. Yet if that is the look you want to achieve, there are plenty of options to choose from. Traditional decors used wood and metals such as brass, bronze and silver. Glass art too were used but ideas in olden days were in their early stages and so high end glass work might look completely out of place. Leather furniture were used abundantly while wall hangings were mostly substituted by portraits.

Chandeliers made from glass and metal were designed to hold candle in olden days. For modern settings, the same traditional home decoration article can be modified to accommodate light bulbs. Rugs of velvet can be used for plush flooring. Wooden floor would reflect a more casual and comforting atmosphere compared to traditional stone flooring.

Using common sense and practicality, stone and marble floors can get really cold and hence, using proper carpet coverings should be incorporated as required. Another traditional flooring not known to many is resilient linoleum. It dates back to 1860s.

Leather and wooden furniture is placed in the centre of the room and are usually paired with a coffee table and peck tables. The mood should be more calm and not wild and erratic as it is in a modern set up. The curtains match the carpet and furniture and are usually made of embroidered satin. Darker are preferred in traditional decorations, though lighter shades are not uncommon.

When it comes to analyzing such a room, you can see that a traditionally set room will adhere to vertical lines and less of horizontal or zigzag line. There will be more swirls and scrolls than geometric patterns. Frames mirror, china plates and vases, chest of drawers, plaster of Paris sculptures and busts, bronze or metal sculptures and books are typical accessories of a traditional house.

While decorating a bedroom in a traditional fashion, the bed linens are white or ivory in colour with matching lamp shades. A wooden bedside table, often an in built extension of the bed is necessary part. From the foot of the bed a rug is spread over that travel up to the fireplace.

By incorporating these styles home decorations, you will be giving a completely formal character to the house. You can choose the above mentioned d├ęcors in combination with accents of modern accessories to define a taste of your own.